We’ve Re-launched Our Membership Program and We Hope You’ll Come Aboard!

You have helped us rehabilitate over 6,000 birds each year by supporting our work through donations to Bird Rescue. Thank you for your interest and gifts when you are able to make them — every gift is impactful, from the $5 one-time donation, to time spent by volunteers, to the thousand dollar gift or grant given….

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Join us in our “Every Bird Matters” Spring Membership Drive!

Dear fellow bird lover, Our first baby ducking showed up this week, signaling the start of beautiful and busy spring. It’s already been a busy winter and we cared for hundreds of seabirds affected by the “mystery goo” event in San Francisco Bay. More than 160 of those birds have been cleaned and returned the…

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Grebe Tidings to You! (An update on the year-end drive)

Dear Friends, Good news! Thanks to your support, International Bird Rescue’s year-end online giving campaign is off to a great start. As of today, we’ve raised 61% of our $30,000 goal. Not only is a year-end gift to International Bird Rescue tax-deductible, but also it supports a growing number of patients coming to our wildlife…


Give during our spring drive and your gift is DOUBLED!

Dear friends, In a few days, we’ll be marking a sobering milestone: the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska. Shortly after midnight on March 24, 1989, the oil tanker struck Blight Reef in Prince William Sound, home to more than 220 bird species. International Bird Rescue’s response team was crucial in efforts…